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Hello! I'm Gagarin. I'm a girl from Vancouver, Canada who is very soon moving to New York City to attend NYU! I love to dine out, cook, and bake. You could call me a foodie! :) I'll try to provide reviews and recipes when I can so you can taste the deliciousness as well. Have fun reblogging!
This honey garlic chicken was amazing. And I know there was no additives because I made the sauce myself!
Here’s the recipe:
These were the best Ma-Po tofu I’ve ever tasted, and I made them myself!
Here’s the recipe:
Vodka Nutella Shot
Persian Pizza from Iran:

Persian pizza is served on a thin, soft crust without sauce and topped with veggies (like onion, tomato, green peppers, and thinly sliced mushrooms) and meats like kalbas (a Persian baloney with lots of garlic) and Persian-spiced sausage. Once dressed to your liking, the pizza is fired under high temps to blacken the pie while allowing the veggies to retain their crunch.
Tapas from Spain:

Spain knows how to party, and they know how to eat while they do it. In Spain, it’s typical to get free tapas with your drinks at a bar — and good thing, because you’ll probably be out until 5 a.m. drinking anyway. No rest for the wicked; best eat while you drink. Of course, there is one other traditional drunk food in Spain; It’s called lunch.
Dahi Papdi Chaat from India:

These little morsels are basically Indian nachos. The base layer is papdi, little fried dough crisps, which are dipped in yogurt, topped with a spiced chickpea and potato paste, then sprinkled with onion, green and tamarind chutney, coriander leaves, and various fried bits. It’s crunchy, sweet, tangy, and spicy. What more could you want (aside from more!)?
Hoy Tod (Oyster Omelete) from Thailand:

Stumble out of your two-bit Bangkok flophouse to cleanse yourself with a plate of Hoy Tod. The dish consists of an egg stir-fried in pork fat and mixed with a special batter, topped with a healthy dose of oysters, then finished with rich brown gravy and scallions. This savory, briny meal will cure whatever ails you, excepting certain communicable diseases requiring prescription medication.
Chuan’r (Barbecue Skewers) from China:

Chuan’r is simple: skewered meats, vegetables, and bread roasted over charcoal and seasoned with a variety of regional spices. Grab a couple skewers and some roasted bread, then rip the bread open and insert the roast edibles from the skewer. Chew. Swallow. Repeat.

Acarajé from Brazil:

After one too many caipirinhas, slow your roll with this delicious shrimp-stuffed roll: the acarajé. It’s basically a deep-fried batter ball — think hush puppy — sliced in half and filled with a peppery shrimp stew made with onions and tomatos. The dish plays a central role in Afro-Brazilian religious traditions, earning it the nickname “Jesus Balls.” Halle. Berry. Halle. Lujah.